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Good Ol’ whiteness: A Prominent Cause of Racial Inequality

Like any disease, in order to understand how it affects people, you need to grasp an understanding about the root cause of the problem. Now, you may be thinking ‘of course!’, but this is far from the reality that people of colour face when discussing the underlying issues of racism. For the most part, an overwhelming majority of attention is drawn to how people of colour should deal with the issue; as well as the liberal fixation that diversity and ‘niceness’ will extract racism from the core of our societies. As you have noticed (if you have), these ‘solutions’ have been nothing short of widespread failure.

However, what if the solution to ending racism were in front of our very eyes? What if, for the better half of the century, we have been tackling racism from the wrong end? Well, I have news for you, we have…

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