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Do you know the Difference? The Misconception of Racism, Racial Discrimination and Racial Prejudice.

Remember sitting down in a classroom back in primary school alongside all your peers, being taught the valuable lesson of what racism is - with teachers equipping you with well rounded knowledge that deters you from growing up to becoming an ignorant individual? Oh… that didn’t happen? Ditto. 

 Well…having said that, there were days where staff from Show Racism the Red Card would turn up, but more often than not, they spewed the discourse of ‘don’t pick on the black or brown kid’ and left. 

 Up until recent debate, there hasn’t been a clear direction of what racism really is – I mean, we all know what it is, and people of colour definitely know what it is and how it feels like, but could you give me a solid definition? Many a time racism is regarded as individual acts – often being used interchangeably as racial prejudice/ or discrimination, and although they can intertwine, it is not an accurate depiction of the term. Throughout this article we will explore the misconceptions of racism - something never discussed in formal education - and the knock-on effect it has on tackling the issue. 

 However, before looking at racism, we should breakdown racial prejudice and racial discrimination, as they are both part and parcel of the inequality. 

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