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About NEAR 

The Story of North East Against Racism

The name of our organisation is NEAR - North East Against Racism 


This is a group of friendly, creative, enthusiastic volunteers and activists from the North East community. 


The aims of NEAR are to oppose all racist activities across the North East region, offer support to all those facing hatred and discrimination and promote relevant local, regional and national activities and events.


NEAR was founded due to the need for a region-wide collaborative Anti Racist movement and a regional network to offer information, resources and support to the many communities and locally-based Anti Racist groups we have in the North East. 


Our long term goals are to connect and build a network of community organisations as well as Local Authorities and other bodies to counter discrimination and work with community groups, particularly involving BAME and Refugee support groups to prevent a foothold of hate establishing in our region. 


We aim to inspire individuals, businesses and groups across the North East to take part in celebrations of diversity and organise events of their own. In this way, the people of the North East can work with us to end the discrimination of all people. 


We will work with other local groups with similar aims wherever possible and assist in coordinating the work of local anti-racist groups. We will forge community links to not only fight racist activity but ensure that it cannot take root in our region. 


Education is key to our program and we will be liaising with relevant bodies and educational centres to provide Equality and Diversity courses, along with other courses to our members, supporters, local groups and communities across the North East. 


Constantly aware of the Climate Emergency we will be holding ourselves to the highest environmental standards and beyond. 


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